The Benefits and Power of Pets

“If a new medication were reported to have the same benefits that pets provide it would be hailed as a medical miracle.”

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Over 66% of Australian households have a pet. This is the highest ownership of pets per household in the world.


Pets serve us in many ways – as helpers as companions and for therapy. Humans have always enjoyed a close and rewarding relationship with other members of the animal kingdom.

Companion animals have worked with us in agriculture, engendered caring and responsibility in our children, acted as social facilitators, protected our property and gifted us with lifelong loyalty.

  • Some 12 million Australians are associated with pets
  • More than 83% of Australians have had a pet at some time in their lives
  • Of the people who do not own pets at present 53% would like to have a pet in the future.
  • Australians are typically responsible and caring pet owners, caring about the effect their pets may have on the health well-being and safety of their neighbours.
  • Reported inconvenience caused to neighbours by pets is low


vol1The pet care industry,
already one of the
largest in Australia,
contributing around
$2.2 billion to the
economy and
employing over 30,000 people,
is still growing.


Pet owners:

  • Visit the doctors less often and use less medication
  • On average have lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure
  • Recover more quickly from illness and surgery deal better with stress
  • Are less likely to say they are lonely.

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