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We have had many pets successfully rehomed due to this web site. We ask for a small, monthly, fee of $22.00 for notices on this page including pets for sale for more than $100.00. Pets needing a good home costing under $100.00 is FREE to advertise here. We also promote the pet to our email news base of close to 20,000 pet lovers. If you have pets or pet products for sale advertise here. To place a notice, email


Updated 3 Feb 2015

Angel, Pets As Therapy Accredited, Pets As Therapy Dog, Available For Adoption

Warning! Be Careful When Rehoming Your Precious Pet!

Pets As Therapy – Assessed Cats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Parrots for Sale


Angel, Pets As Therapy Accredited, Pets As Therapy Dog, Available For Adoption

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Angel has been accredited as a PAT Companion Dog. Obtained from a local pound and has been living with a trainer/foster carer for 3 months. Angel is now ready to be adopted. The home should be fully fenced; have someone home most of the time; no children under the age of 10; able to take her for daily walks; no other dogs; will need to be within 50 kilometres of Sydney areas or Gosford. Angel will be perfect for anyone seeking a constant companion to sit on their lap; or as a visiting pets as therapy dog.

Angel is a 3 kilo, Silky cross, aged around 3, healthy, de-sexed, fully vaccinated, heart worm tested, does not bark often; and comes as an accredited ‘pets as therapy’ companion animal by Velma’s Pets As Therapy. Angel comes with a lifetime of advice and support including training advice.

Known commands: stay, get down, jump up, come, leave it

Angel’s fee is $450.00

Contact: or 0432 578 210


Warning! Be Careful When Rehoming Your Pet!

Please be especially aware that if you are offering a pet “free to good home” that there are unscrupulous people out there with evil intentions. To ensure your pet goes to a suitable home, please always do a “home check” to confirm where the person lives and that they are offering an environment that is suitable for your pet. Also ask if you can visit the pet periodically. Ask what their lifestyle is and ensure it is compatible with your pet’s needs and wants. If in doubt don’t! Never give your pet over to anyone under 18 years of age. Also, don’t be fooled if a husband, wife and children appear to be authentic. Most unscrupulous folk won’t want you knowing where they live. If they give you any reason why you can’t do any of the above, regardless of how plausible their reasons sound, don’t release the pet.


Pets As Therapy – Assessed Cats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Parrots for Sale

If you are a pet rescue group or have a pet to be rehomed that you believe is suitable as a ‘pets as therapy’ companion then we can assess the pet for you.

We occasionally acquire a rescue pet, assess and pass them for ‘pets as therapy’ suitability; and arrange foster care for them (as with Lady above). If you are seeking a pet suitable as a companion pet for a vulnerable, disabled or challenged adult or child, we can offer you this or refer you to people and groups, who may be able to help you.

We also offer ‘pets as therapy’ pet and consultations regarding residential pet programs at residential facilities, villages, nursing homes and group homes. Contact Velma at: or phone 0432 578 210.