This is a National and International, Home Study, Correspondence, Accreditation Certificate, E-course. A “Read Only” version is available for people not needing to study for a certificate.


This E-course Is Ideal For All Types Of Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Diversional Therapists, Ministers, Community Workers, Care Workers, Teachers, Volunteers, Specialists and Any One Wanting To Take Their Pet To Work With Them!


Leah with Millie and Tricia with Pandora

National and International training available with the Pets As Therapy Correspondence E-Course

Volunteers Needed in NSW From Southern Highlands to Newcastle and All Areas Of Sydney

Pets As Therapy In All Other Areas

Health Professionals, Therapists and Teachers

Description Of Ideal Pets As Therapy Visitors

Discounts Available and Payment Plan For Students On A Budget

Pets As Therapy Home Study Certificate Course

“Read Only” Package Available – No Need To Study!

 International Students

Locations of National and International Course Graduates


National and International training available with the Pets As Therapy Correspondence Certificate E-Course



This e-course has been written by Velma Violet Harris with 16 years of experience of visiting and residential pets in health care facilities; schools; hospitals; respite centres; challenged individuals at home and in the work place.

This e-course is designed at a professional level so is ideal for health professionals, volunteers and paid ‘pets as therapy’ visitors training to high, professional standards whilst observing health, safety and infection control procedures; essential for health care facilities and when working with children.

This e-course enables people living any where through out Australia and the World with a computer, to learn safe, tried and tested, beneficial professional ‘pets as therapy’ procedures.

This e-course is ideal for health professionals, all types of therapists, teachers, ministers, carers, volunteers, any one wanting to take their pet to work; and pet owners seeking a small income as a paid, pets as therapy visitor. 

E-course graduates often express how personally rewarding and satisfying it is to gain and develop pet training skills, learning safe and effective ways to interact with adults and children with challenges; and to share the affection of their beloved pets to bring smiles to faces and joy into hearts – pets have a habit of doing that to people, don’t they!


Sarah and Brandy


If you live in or close to the Southern Highlands, Wollongong, Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle


Velma’s Pets As Therapy visiting program are seeking more volunteers to join their dedicated team. Email:


If you live in other areas the Pets As Therapy Correspondence E-course which will show you how to commence a successful ‘pets as therapy’ program in your own location.


Health professionals wanting to commence a pets as therapy program in their local area or facility

Can greatly benefit from the Pets As Therapy Correspondence E-course as this demonstrates how to assess and recruit people and pet volunteers; manage and monitor the program; how to offer beneficial interaction with the frail and challenged at the same time as observing strict health and safety procedures eliminating possible accidental injuries such as scratches to frail skin. Using the safety methods discussed in the course identifies all possible health and safety risks and offers procedures to eliminate all. Discusses legal and insurance issues.



Jon and Kate with their menagerie

Ideal Pets As Therapy Visitors Should –

  • enjoy meeting and talking with people from all walks of life and making them smile
  • have good communication and people skills
  • have a dog, cat or pet (or access to such a pet) which is healthy, calm, friendly towards all people and is well mannered (the course includes specific pet obedience training for pets as therapy)
  • be committed to learning – new pet training skills; health and safety procedures and how best to communicate with people with various challenges
  • be healthy enough to walk around a health care facility for an hour
  • have reliable transport


Lee and Gemma (mother and daughter)

Discounts Available 

When you enrol onto the course at the same time as a friend, there is $25.00 discount off both course fees. Contact us to discuss group discounts. Students on a budget can pay in two stages.


Anne and Terra

The certificate e-course is HOME STUDY. You receive a training course package as an email attachment. You read each unit and answer the questions at the end of each unit. Most of the answers are in that chapter or the previous chapters. Some research is required. You return your answers to us. We read, assess and comment on your answers and return these to you. The correspondence e-course takes approximately 60 – 80 hours home study + pet training. Course students used to studying are inclinded to complete the course after around 60 hours where as people who haven’t studied for a long time, may take around 80 hours. Plus pet training time.

Phone and e-mail advice and support is provided during the course. A Course Completion Certificate is awarded to course students and their pets on completion of the e-course.

Pets in action!


Julie receiving her course certificate at a volunteers meeting

Don’t Want To Study! You Can Receive The Course Package Any Way!

Receive the course package and read it through at your leisure or use as a reference library. You don’t have to study to receive the information. This is ideal for any one who does not need an accreditation certificate but wants to use the information more as an interest or reference library. The read only e-course packge is $ask us.

Locations Of Our Course Graduates in Australia include –


Sydney North, South, East and West
Southern Highlands
The Central Coast
Byron Bay
Northern NSW
South Australia



International Please e-mail us to send you the full details of our Pets As Therapy Correspondence E-course. The course fee is $ask us (Australian) and taken by e-mail.


Contact Velma for full details 0432 578 210 or email: