‘Pets As Therapy’ Pets


Pets as therapy offers the most marvelous rewards and personal satisfaction gained when involved with a professionally structured pet therapy program which is what our courses teach.

Any healthy pet can be trained for pets as therapy as long as they are not shy or timid around people and really enjoy attention from strangers.

Our pets as therapy course teaches pet training skills in an easy to follow, step by step manual using reward based, kind methods.

We  have successfully trained dogs of all sizes and breeds from Chihuahuas to Great Danes; cats, rabbits; guinea pigs; parrots and rats.   



Basil is very friendly and loves people


Pets as therapy dogs come in all shapes and sizes!


Pumpkin the guinea pig loves cuddle and kisses.

Hurcules the Chihuahua and Kedesi the cat are both accredited


Pet rats are so gentle, sweet and intelligent and always popular with the clients.


Just about any pet that loves meeting strangers, can travel happily in a car and has a gentle nature can be trained for pets as therapy.